Four tips on becoming a better poker player

Hello again fellow poker players! Sorry I haven’t been her for a while, I’ve been busy with work. Although I’ve collected something nice for you – four tips on how to become a better poker player! It’s good to think about both online and when you are at a table. I hope you get something out of it, and that it can improve your game!

First up, you need to control your emotions. This is crucial for your game, and it’s not as easy as it sounds. You don’t want to be on tilt, which means your mind goes up and down depending on how the game goes. Don’t let the game go into your head, and try to stay neutral through most of the time. Patience is also crucial, to wait out the bad beat. Bad beats and suck outs are a part of the game, just accept it and focus on what is really happening on and around the table. Basically, don’t let your emotions decide how you play – focus on the math and the game.

Bluffing is next, and not just to bluff your way through every hand. It’s not as effective when the stakes are low, since most players are okay with loosing a small sum. As the stakes goes up, so does the efficiency of the bluff. Use it seldom in low stakes, and they will have much more power when the stakes are higher.

Many people use a technique called slow playing. It’s just as it sounds – take a long time to decide what to do. It’s often used when players have a significant strong hand after the flop and they are quite sure they will win. The other players will most likely see it as a sign of a weak hand and hopefully try to bluff. When it all comes down and it time to show, our slow player with the better hand will take it. It can sometimes be a good move, especially if you have someone you know is a bit of a fan of bluffin, and if you have a good hand. It should, however, not be used too much since it will be seen through after a while.

If you are a beginner, you’ll probably recognise yourself in this – playing too many hands. Many professional poker players agree, the beginners play way too many hands. If the two cards in your hand are not good from the beginning – don’t play them. Joining is only a waste of chips, and you will have a hard time getting a good hand with bad hole cards. Think about the card’s rank and play from that and don’t be afraid to fold.

I hope you can improve your game a bit with this. It has helped me a lot though all my tournaments – both online and at casinos and friends. Good luck and stay safe among the sharks! 😉

Unibet review

Hi there! As you might seen from my previous posts, I’m back again after a break. I had a lot going on for a while and now it’s a little less, so I finally have time for my blog again. Here is a kickstart with a review about Unibet Poker!

Unibet is one of the most famous bookmakers in Europe. They offer a mixed range of gambling products, everything from sports to poker and casino. The company also has a long history in the gaming industry. Unibet was founded already in 1997 but it wasn´t until 2003 they started to providing gambling services online. They began with casino and betting and during the following years from 2003 and forward they expanded their gambling portfolio with poker and bingo.

One thing that I appreciates with Unibet is that they always try to be one step ahead. It feels like they try to both adapt to the future and at the same time take part in forming the future. Like in 2014 when they decided to start their own poker platform and leave the Microgaming network. The reason was that Unibet wanted to attract recreational players and give them a pokerroom that gave them a nice time at the tables.

One of the new thing that was introduced in the new unibet platform was a function that allows the players to change their poker alias up to three times a day. This function makes it harder for the professionals to track the recreational players gambling style, and it protects the smaller guys from getting destroyed. Otherwise, the professionals sometimes recognises some peoples styles and takes way too bog advantages of this. It often ends with the smaller guy loosing all of his money, when the big guys gambles him off.

The ”quick seat” seat function was another thing unibet choosed to add to the pokerroom. Thanks to the quick seat function every player is automatically placed at an availiable seat. With other words, you can´t choose which table you want to play at. The idea is that this also will benefit the recreational players. This is very welcomed by many, because a majority of the players at online poker sites just wants to play, relax, and have a good time at the table.

As you see, Unibet has taken several steps to make sure the amateurs can develop their gambling in a more friendly environment that makes it harder for the sharks to fleecing them of the money.

Unibet also offer their players the ability to play poker via a smartphone or a tablet. Their focus are on the poker game Texas Holdem NL and Omaha and they offer cash games with buy in from €2 up to €400. They also offer tournaments, Sit and Go and a version of fast poker which they call Banzai Poker.

You can regularly try to qualify online to the live tournament series Unibet Open that are played several times per year in various cities.

Unibet doesn’t have the most player traffic or the greatest range of poker games to choose from. But it´s a nice poker platform where you can play in peace and protect yourself from sharks. This makes it a good learning place for the new players and for those who just want to step up their game a little bit. Instead of retting smashed by a shark, as you sometimes get in other places, you are seated with people more on the same level as you are.

As many other online casinos, Unibet has the chat funktion at each table. Here, you can chat with other players. Also a nice feature that’s not specified for Unibet, but they have it and it’s great. It makes the entire table a bit more alive and friendly, and it feels a little bit more like a game in real-life. The bonus part with having a chat online, is that you won’t jeopardise your game by showing a terrible poker face.

To summarisk shortly, I definitely think Unibet Poker is wort visiting. It’s easy to get started and you’ll quickly get a hang of how it works. There is plenty of guides and they have a lot to offer. I highly recommend checking it out, and I hope you get a good time!

Play poker with bitcoins?

The standing question for many people, is what method they should use to make a deposit with. Well, at least it is for me. Every time I sign up to a new poker site, which I do quite often, I wonder what method I’d like to use. Usually, I just use my VISA card. Although, I’m not a fan of it.

When I make a deposit with my VISA card, I need to give out quite many details about me, my card and my bank. No matter how safe it is according to the sites, I still find it troublesome and a bit uncomfortable. I’m not that in to the idea of sharing a lot of details about my privacy.

Also, I prefer to have my money organised in my budget. I want to have my money in three groups – essentials, entertainment and gambling. The essentials is money for rent, food, bills and such things. The money for entertainment is basically for dinners, restaurants, trips, movies and stuff like that. Gambling is quite self explanatory, this money is the part of my budget that I’m ready to both loose and double. Sometimes it grows and ends up bigger than last month, sometimes it’s all gone. But I’m always accurate with keeping this money for it self. This is hard to do when everything it’s on the same card.

Yes, I could just get another card for gambling, but then I’d still have to give out a lot of information about myself. I’d rather have an alternative method.

As you may understand, I’ve been searching quite a bit about solutions to this. I came over a thing called Bitcoin. Perhaps some of you have read about it earlier, but for me it’s quite new. Basically, as I understand it, it’s a virtual currency that is not controlled by any bank or economical centre. The point seems to be that you get bitcoins by mining and letting your computer solve math problems, or that you simply buy with traditional currency. I got quite interested in how it works and I think I got a decent understanding of how it works. I found a video that I think is quite helpful, it’s the one down here:

I’m not sure how many poker sites is open for Bitcoin yet, but I at least found a casino that only uses Bitcoin. It’s called and it seems to have the usual casino games. It’s interesting to see, since I appreciate it to be a very narrow market. Hopefully, there will be more of these internet casinos for bitcoin.

I’m still not convinced that Bitcoin is the thing for me though. I’ll read more about it later, because I really want to have the full picture of it. But I still want another example so I don’t have to use my VISA card until I know everything I need to know about bitcoin.

I stumbled upon this thing called eWallet when I was browsing, and got into their page about payment methods. I’ve been looking just a little bit on it, so I’m not quite sure about how it works. I think I got a somehow good picture about it. If it is as I understand it, you have an extra step between the site and your bank. You connect the eWallet to your bank, giving your precious information to only one part. Your money, in my case my gambling money, can be stored within the eWallet and kept there, to create it’s own account or buffert.

When you make a deposit, you simply give the information about your eWallet to the site you want to make a deposit to. With this method, all you give out is the “number” to your eWallet and potential bad guys does not come much closer than that. Also, the eWallet says to be very safe, which feels good. Most eWallets like Neteller and Skrill also works good together with most casino and poker sites, that I visit.

I’m definitely going to read and learn more about both Bitcoin and eWallets. If you have any experiences about this, please tell me about it. I need all the information I can get!

Take care and stay safe among the sharks! 😉

Common Video poker

Most of you have probably bumped into the games called video poker. It’s almost as it sounds, but not quite. Here I’ll share a quick review about it, and what I think of it.

First, video poker is a single player game where you don’t need a dealer. It’s based on the hands of poker, and is basically a single player version of five card poker/draw poker. The point is to get a hand that’s good enough on the score board. Every hand within the score board gives a different amount of points. Usually, the game title will tell you what the game is focused on. For example, Jacks or Better gives you points for pairs with Jacks or higher. The principle is the same with Tens or Better and other versions.

Games like Deuces Wild and Joker Poker is also popular vide poker games. In Deuces Wild, all cards with the value of 2 is a wild card, and can be whatever card you need to get the best combination. You only get points for hands such as three of a kind or better, except from to pairs which is not valid. In Joker Poker, there is a Joker in the deck. Joker Poker is therefor played with 53 cards, and the Joker is the wild card. Basically, this works kind of similar to Deuces Wild. Although, pairs of Kings is the lowest hand you can win with here.

The basics of vide poker is that you are dealt five cards, and you choose what cards and how many you want to keep. The hand are ranked in different ways, which gives you different winnings. Often, you can bet from one to five coins and the higher the bet, the higher the profit. One coins is usually €1 or £1, depending on what currency you have.

One off the reasons video poker is so widely spread around the world, and why it is so popular, is probably that it takes both skill and luck. If we start with the luck – you play against a computer that randomly gives out the cards. There is no possibility to have a pattern in the cards, and everything is completely random. This, you can not affect and it’s a part of the game. The skill is also a very important part. Perhaps you fint it strange to use skill and systems in a game that is based on luck? Well yes, but you do have some possibilities to change the outcome. In a slot, there is all luck, no skill. Here, you can make good, and bad, decisions.

In Joker Poker och Deuces Wild, always save the cards that represents the wilds. If you play video poker that has a jackpot in it, always play with the max bet, since it’s often a criteria of having the chance of winning the jackpot. Another wise thing to do is to save what can be flush, straight and most important – royal straight flush. This is, much like regular poker, the best hand possible. Oh, and remember to never play with money you can’t afford to loose. And make sure to be sober and happy when playing. Also, feel free to read more at, where I found most of this info.

Even though this was a very short post, I hope you got something out of it. I just felt like writing something and this time it was vide poker on my mind. If you want to play vide poker, I can recommend Unibet, where you often can play for fun without money and account. I think Betsafe has that to offer as well, but I’m not sure. However, I wish you luck and when playing video poker there is no need to watch out for the sharks! Take care!

Daniel Negreanu – a great poker player

As I mentioned in an earlier post, PokerStars is sponsor to a number of professional poker players. One of them is Daniel Negreanu who was inducted in the Poker Hall of Fame in 2014, the same year he turned 40 years old and therefore could be one of the nominees. Negreanu is now one of the most influential players in the poker world today. He is active in social media where he speaks freely about what he thinks and he is an extremely successfull poker player.

Negreanu was originally born in Toronto, Canada. He was constantly looking for illegal games to win, all around the city. He skipped high school and relied only in his poker games. At age 21, he moved to Las Vegas to be able to play more poker. At that point, he’d already built his payroll big enough to be able to do that. Pretty impressive to take that big step at that young age, and furthermore to rely in his poker. In Las Vegas, he quickly began to build his reputation as a good poker player.

Since nick names are a big part of the poker community, Negreanu also got in the way for some versions. At first, he was called “the Badger” and now he’s more famous under the name “Kid Poker”. He got Badger from when he once yelled out “the badger is on fire” after winning a tournament. Kid Poker is his most famous name, without doubt, and it’s used actively when talking about professional poker players.

When looking at his poker resumé with all his winnings, you definitely see when the big money started to roll in. In 2003, he won just over $53,000. However, in 2004 he won almost $4.5 million. That’s quite a change, and it really is a long way from the $75,594 he won back in 1997. His top year was clearly 2014, when his total winning was up to just over $10 million.

His first major success came in 1998 when he won his first WSOP bracelet in a side tournament in PL Holdem. Since then he has won five more WSOP bracelets which makes him a owner of total six WSOP bracelets. In total he has won over $30 000 000 in live poker tournaments during the years 1997-2015.

You may wonder what makes Negreanu such great player, at least I do. Some people describe him as cheeky and talkative. Maybe that is a part of what makes him a good player. Maybe with this, he got the ability to read and perhaps also affect people. And, of course, he’s a professional at the game and how it works. As we all know, the more you do it the better you get at it. If you like, it’s a higher probability of doing it and well, you get the point.

What many may not know, is that Negreanu actually starrs in the movie “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”. A few seconds in the movie, we get to see a dirty, ugly gambler in a 70s yellow shirt and brown jacket. The camera focus just a little bit on him, sitting with his other creepy friends under a dim and crooked light. This man is actually Daniel Negreanu. He’s also starred more movies, except for his own of course. You can see him in Luck You, Mr. D, and Detention, among others. He also got a movie about himself, with his name “Kid Poker”.

“Kid Poker” is a movie found at Netflix, telling the great story of Daniel Negreanu – aka Kid Poker. It’s a documentary and goes through not only the milestones Negreanu has reached through his career. It also touches subjects like his family, his fathers passing, and how he’s been looking for the poker all around through his life. I’ll watch is soon and afterwards I’ll get back with a review!

Pokerstars review

Today I will write an review of PokerStars, a large pokersite you probably have heard of before. I have played at Pokerstars at a few occasions and really like the site, but what is Pokerstars? I will try to tell you about it in this blog post.

If Unibet is one of Europes most well known bookmakers, PokerStars is one of the worlds most famous poker rooms. It was launched in the end of 2001 and has a motley history involving both great success and scandals. Their big break came in 2003 when one of their online players, Chris Moneymaker won the World Series of Poker Main Event after he had qulified to the tournament via PokerStars. World Series Of Poker Main Event is the most prestigious live poker torunament in the world and Moneymakers win started a big poker boom, suddenly many people wanted to try their luck in online poker.

PokerStars has also been involved in a big scandal called black friday. The poker site was shut down due to expressed allegations about illegal gambling, money laundring and fraud. This happend in 2011 and mainly affected the american players since PokerStars opened another site for players outside US with an EU license. Since then the situation has been solved but the online poker hasn’t yet came back in full to USA which have decreased the poker traffic significantly.

Today PokerStars has most player traffic of all poker rooms with an average of over 10 000 players online during a day.

They offer a wide range of poker games like variations of 5 card poker, Razz, Badugi, HORSE, 8-game and so on. They also offer different format like fast fold poker in both texas holdem and omaha. At PokerStars you can play both cash games, tournaments and sit n go. You can also qualify to their own live poker tours like EPT (European Poker Tour), PCA (PokerStars Caribbean Adventure) and UKIPT (UK and Ireland Poker Tour).

They also organizes big online tournaments like WCOOP (World Championship of Online Poker), SCOOP (Spring Championship Of Online Poker) that are helt each year. On weekly basis they provides the big sunday tournament ”Sunday Million” which have one million in guaranteed prizes.

If you’re a beginner at poker, there is a really good guide to read. The guide is for everybody and most suitable for the completely new, and those who just want to refresh their memory a little. In the guide, you learn about the value of the cards, the hand ranking and the basics in Holdem. You can also get a free course in poker, much like a poker school with a personal teacher and different things to practise at. This, I think, is a great opportunity for those who want to learn with support and exercises.

PokerStars is the sponsor to several poker pros like Daniel Negreanu, Vanessa Selbst and Jason Mercier to mention some of them. Many professionals choose to play at PokerStars and high stakes poker is common at the poker site.

Another interesting part of PokerStars is their investment in female poker players. They have a tournament just for women every Sunday with $5,000 guaranteed price. I think it’s good that they give women a way into the poker leagues, but I still feel like it should not be divided like this. Poker is a game of the mind and the cards, and gender should not really matter. But still, very nice of PokerStars to highlight and give room to the female players. They are needed.

I think PokerStars is a great poker room for those who looks for poker action at all hours and for them who looks for other poker versions than texas holdem nl. Its easy to navigate and you’ll definitely find a game and level that suits you.

Sorry.. again

Oops I did it again, to quote a famous singer. I have once again let the blog become inactive even though I promised to blog more often. For that I am sorry and from now on I will really try to keep the blog alive, but I’ve learned the lesson and won’t promise anything this time.

Blogging actively was harder than I first thought. Especially because it’s difficult to write interesting posts that you readers want to read. But now I will lower my expectations about always writing good posts, and perhaps that will do the trick.

Since my last blog post a lot of things have happened in the poker world and outside of it. We have for instance a new World Champion in Poker: Qui Nguyen. Earlier this month he won the finale of the  World Series Of Poker Main Event  and became the new Poker World Champion. The victory paid him about $8 000 000 plus an exclusive gold bracelet with gemstones. It´s a tradition that the winner of the WSOP tournaments get a gold bracelet and that the winner of the Main Event gets an even more exclusive bracelet with diamonds and other gemstones.

For Qui Nguyen this was his first WSOP win and therefore the first time he won a gold bracelet. The player with the most WSOP bracelets is Phil Hellmuth who has won 14 bracelets during the years. As recently as last year he won his last bracelet and I think he will add some more bracelets to the collection before his poker career is over.

A lot of stuff has of course also happened outside the poker world. One of the biggest things is that Donald Trump was elected as the next president for USA. I won’t make any comments about that, but I think the subject have been discussed at every workplace and in every household today in Sweden where I currently live.

Soon I will head back to Malta for work again. I have got a new job at a bar in one of the cities and I am longing to get back again and meet all my friends. It has been great being in Sweden for a while, but now I am longing for Malta. I will travel to Malta directly after christmas.

Speaking of Malta. Just a couple of days ago the big annual tournament Battle of Malta took place at the Casino Portomaso. The Swedish player Robert Berglund won the Main Event. This was the first time a Swedish player won the tournament and I am a bit sad that I wasn’t there to experience the moment. Robert Berglund wasn’t the only successful swede in the Main Event, Rasmus Eriksson was third and Jonas Hahnert finished as ninth in Main Event of Battle of Malta.

WSOP is back!

WSOP has started

Hi everybody!

It was a while since I last wrote and I am sorry for that. I have had a tough period but now I´ve recovered and I have got back the urge to blog again.

As you probably know if you like poker, WSOP has just started, and I am really looking forward to follow the most interesting events. It will also be fun to see the pros battling for the prestigious gold-bracelets. Phil Hellmuth is in the lead with 14 bracelets so far and the second place is shared by Phil Ivey, Doyle Brunson and Johnny Chan. I don´t think Doyle Brunson will play this year due to his age, but I hope Ivey and Chan are going to aim for more bracelets during WSOP 2016.

I´ve read that they have changed the pay out rules in the Main Event this year. Instead of share the prize pool between the best 10% of the players they shall give prize money to 15% of the player field. I don´t know what to think about it, but If I have to say something I guess I think it´s good because it might attract more players to the tournament.

Who do you think win the WSOP Main Event this year? I looked at the odds at bet365 and saw that Phil Ivey had the lowest odds, you´ll get 67,00 in odds if you bet at Ivey as a winner. Second lowest odds had Allen Cunningham, Daniel Negreanu and Gus Hansen to 101,00 times the money. I didn´t even know that Gus Hansen played actively these days. At hendonmob his last money placement in a live tournament was in 2014, but I might have missed something or missed that he is an active online player. I like Gus Hansen and his way of playing poker so I would be glad if he won the Main Event, but I don´t think it´s that very likely since I haven´t seen him in any recent live tournaments.

Daniel Negreanu on the other hand was a very active player last year and I think he is eager to expand his title list with a WSOP Main Event win. In 2013 he won the first WSOP APAC Main Event, and WSOP Europe High Roller event. Since then he hasn´t won any bracelets and I think he is very victory craving now.

I wonder why Phil Hellmuth isn´t the betting companies winning favorite. He has won more gold bracelets in WSOP than any other player and as recently as last year he won a big tournament, the $10 000 Razz tournament which got him his 14th bracelet.

I don´t know which payer I would bet my money at, the winner will probably be a big surprise as always. But maybe I would place a bet at Hellmuth if I have to choose someone. I don´t think last years winner Joseph McKeehen will win two years in a row, but if he does he will be a poker legend.

Well that was all I had on my mind today. I will write soon again!

Poker music!

Music and poker go together. Good songs while grinding online is a must, the music is a good company to a sometimes very lonely chore.

Some players have special play lists for poker. Other use their ordinary playlist and some depend on the radio to deliver great music. I belong in the group of players that have a special playlist with songs for poker playing. In that play list there´s a mix of songs that makes me in a good mood and that makes me feel unbeatable.

There´s no lack of songs with poker themes or poker metaphores out there. A quick search on the Internet reveals a number of top lists with the best poker songs. Usually these top lists have Kenny Rogers song ”The Gambler” as number one. Many consider this song the best poker song ever and several other singer have done their version of the song whoes chorus goes as follows:

”You’ve got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em,
Know when to walk away, know when to run.
You never count your money when you’re sittin’ at the table,
There’ll be time enough for countin’ when the dealin’s done.” Source wikipedia

When Lady Gaga released the song ”Pokerface” it instantly became a hit in both the pokerrooms and outside. Many players added the song to their playlist and still today it has a given place on the top lists of best poker songs.
Other songs that often qualify on top 10 lists is ”The Ace of Spades” by Motorhead and ”That was a crazy game of poker” by O.A.R.

Regardless what you prefer, songs about poker, radio music, classic, jazz, rock or something else, the important thing is that you listen to the music that makes you feel psyched when you play poker.

Premiere blog post

Hello there,

I hope you have a nice day! I myself have an interesting day writing my premiere blog post at reviews4poker. It´s not the first time that I blog, but it´s the first time that I blog about poker which is my new favourite hobby.

I wan´t to use this blog as a diary about my poker gambling and about poker related subjects. I also want to share my impressions of pokersites and maybe I will post a review about one or two pokersites that I find interesting. I guess time will tell what this blog is gonna be about, it´s hard to decide on advance because it depends on mood and things that happens around you. I think I will have to take it as it comes, but my intentions is to write about my gambling and things related to that! But don´t be surprised if there one day will be a post about something totally different.

I haven´t played poker regularly for so long, just about six months and before that I just played occasionally. Since i moved to Malta, which is a a really nice place for poker playing, I started to play regularly. There are a lot of casinos here and also legal to play online poker.

Right now I am looking forward to christmas and I think I will take a little break from playing while I am at winter holiday in my homecountry Sweden. Instead I think I will catch up watching some episodes from WSOP this summer and just enjoy the holiday.

But before I leave Malta for vacation I will play a lot and participate in the christmas campaigns that the poker sites offer. I think the bookmaker Paf has the best christmas campaign, they have a christmas calender where you collect symbols, and when you have collected five of each symbol you will get a ticket to a lottery where iPads, iPhones and a trip to Las Vegas will be raffled. Each day you also have a chance to win gambling money, cash or freespins. Check it out, all active players can participate.