Common Video poker

Most of you have probably bumped into the games called video poker. It’s almost as it sounds, but not quite. Here I’ll share a quick review about it, and what I think of it.

First, video poker is a single player game where you don’t need a dealer. It’s based on the hands of poker, and is basically a single player version of five card poker/draw poker. The point is to get a hand that’s good enough on the score board. Every hand within the score board gives a different amount of points. Usually, the game title will tell you what the game is focused on. For example, Jacks or Better gives you points for pairs with Jacks or higher. The principle is the same with Tens or Better and other versions.

Games like Deuces Wild and Joker Poker is also popular vide poker games. In Deuces Wild, all cards with the value of 2 is a wild card, and can be whatever card you need to get the best combination. You only get points for hands such as three of a kind or better, except from to pairs which is not valid. In Joker Poker, there is a Joker in the deck. Joker Poker is therefor played with 53 cards, and the Joker is the wild card. Basically, this works kind of similar to Deuces Wild. Although, pairs of Kings is the lowest hand you can win with here.

The basics of vide poker is that you are dealt five cards, and you choose what cards and how many you want to keep. The hand are ranked in different ways, which gives you different winnings. Often, you can bet from one to five coins and the higher the bet, the higher the profit. One coins is usually €1 or £1, depending on what currency you have.

One off the reasons video poker is so widely spread around the world, and why it is so popular, is probably that it takes both skill and luck. If we start with the luck – you play against a computer that randomly gives out the cards. There is no possibility to have a pattern in the cards, and everything is completely random. This, you can not affect and it’s a part of the game. The skill is also a very important part. Perhaps you fint it strange to use skill and systems in a game that is based on luck? Well yes, but you do have some possibilities to change the outcome. In a slot, there is all luck, no skill. Here, you can make good, and bad, decisions.

In Joker Poker och Deuces Wild, always save the cards that represents the wilds. If you play video poker that has a jackpot in it, always play with the max bet, since it’s often a criteria of having the chance of winning the jackpot. Another wise thing to do is to save what can be flush, straight and most important – royal straight flush. This is, much like regular poker, the best hand possible. Oh, and remember to never play with money you can’t afford to loose. And make sure to be sober and happy when playing. Also, feel free to read more at, where I found most of this info.

Even though this was a very short post, I hope you got something out of it. I just felt like writing something and this time it was vide poker on my mind. If you want to play vide poker, I can recommend Unibet, where you often can play for fun without money and account. I think Betsafe has that to offer as well, but I’m not sure. However, I wish you luck and when playing video poker there is no need to watch out for the sharks! Take care!