Daniel Negreanu – a great poker player

As I mentioned in an earlier post, PokerStars is sponsor to a number of professional poker players. One of them is Daniel Negreanu who was inducted in the Poker Hall of Fame in 2014, the same year he turned 40 years old and therefore could be one of the nominees. Negreanu is now one of the most influential players in the poker world today. He is active in social media where he speaks freely about what he thinks and he is an extremely successfull poker player.

Negreanu was originally born in Toronto, Canada. He was constantly looking for illegal games to win, all around the city. He skipped high school and relied only in his poker games. At age 21, he moved to Las Vegas to be able to play more poker. At that point, he’d already built his payroll big enough to be able to do that. Pretty impressive to take that big step at that young age, and furthermore to rely in his poker. In Las Vegas, he quickly began to build his reputation as a good poker player.

Since nick names are a big part of the poker community, Negreanu also got in the way for some versions. At first, he was called “the Badger” and now he’s more famous under the name “Kid Poker”. He got Badger from when he once yelled out “the badger is on fire” after winning a tournament. Kid Poker is his most famous name, without doubt, and it’s used actively when talking about professional poker players.

When looking at his poker resumé with all his winnings, you definitely see when the big money started to roll in. In 2003, he won just over $53,000. However, in 2004 he won almost $4.5 million. That’s quite a change, and it really is a long way from the $75,594 he won back in 1997. His top year was clearly 2014, when his total winning was up to just over $10 million.

His first major success came in 1998 when he won his first WSOP bracelet in a side tournament in PL Holdem. Since then he has won five more WSOP bracelets which makes him a owner of total six WSOP bracelets. In total he has won over $30 000 000 in live poker tournaments during the years 1997-2015.

You may wonder what makes Negreanu such great player, at least I do. Some people describe him as cheeky and talkative. Maybe that is a part of what makes him a good player. Maybe with this, he got the ability to read and perhaps also affect people. And, of course, he’s a professional at the game and how it works. As we all know, the more you do it the better you get at it. If you like, it’s a higher probability of doing it and well, you get the point.

What many may not know, is that Negreanu actually starrs in the movie “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”. A few seconds in the movie, we get to see a dirty, ugly gambler in a 70s yellow shirt and brown jacket. The camera focus just a little bit on him, sitting with his other creepy friends under a dim and crooked light. This man is actually Daniel Negreanu. He’s also starred more movies, except for his own of course. You can see him in Luck You, Mr. D, and Detention, among others. He also got a movie about himself, with his name “Kid Poker”.

“Kid Poker” is a movie found at Netflix, telling the great story of Daniel Negreanu – aka Kid Poker. It’s a documentary and goes through not only the milestones Negreanu has reached through his career. It also touches subjects like his family, his fathers passing, and how he’s been looking for the poker all around through his life. I’ll watch is soon and afterwards I’ll get back with a review!