I have compiled a faq with answers to questions that novice people often ask me. This faq therefore turns to beginners at poker.

What is texas holdem no limit?

In simple terms it´s a poker game where there´s no betting limit. You can bet all your money that you have on the poker table if you want. In more detail it´s a game where each player is dealt two secret cards, after a betting round three cards (called the flop) is dealt openly on the table, these three cards are common for the players at the table and are used for creating the best five card poker hand. And now the second betting round is on. After that, one more card (called the turn) is dealt openly on the table, you can also use that one for combining your best five card poker hand. A new betting round is then held before the last open card (called the river) is dealt on the table. After the last card is dealt the players get one more betting round before a winner with the best five card poker hand is conditional.

A player can anytime during the betting process throw away the hand and give up. The players can also during the betting process anytime move all in (bet all the money), then it´s up to the other players if they want to call that bet. If they don´t they loose the hand, if they do call the bet then the winner will be the player with the best hand.

What´s All in?

When a player puts all chips at stake on one hand, the player bet all the money he/she has on the table.

What´s a big blind?

In every game round one player posts a big blind, that´s because it always shall be money in the pot. The big blind is always placed before the cards are dealt, that´s why it´s called blind, you bet before yoy have seen the cards. It´s always the player who sits two seats before the dealer that posts the big blind, and the dealer position is rotating to make it fair.

The big blind sets the minimum bet in the game, you can´t bet an lesser amount than the big blind. If you want to raise you have to bet minimum the double sum of big blind.

What´s a small blind?

Same thing as big blind, but half the sum of big blind. It´s post by the player after the dealer.

What´ s a raise?

A bet that is higher than you have to bet to be in the pot.

What´s a re-raise?

When you raise again after a player have done a raise. For example: Player 1 raise to $20, then player 2 re-raise to $40. It´s like an auction where a player bets over the other.

What´s split pot?

When players have equally good hands they will split the pot between them.