Great tips for poker players!

Four tips on becoming a better poker player

Hello again fellow poker players! Sorry I haven’t been her for a while, I’ve been busy with work. Although I’ve collected something nice for you – four tips on how to become a better poker player! It’s good to think about both online and when you are at a table. I hope you get something out of it, and that it can improve your game!

First up, you need to control your emotions. This is crucial for your game, and it’s not as easy as it sounds. You don’t want to be on tilt, which means your mind goes up and down depending on how the game goes. Don’t let the game go into your head, and try to stay neutral through most of the time. Patience is also crucial, to wait out the bad beat. Bad beats and suck outs are a part of the game, just accept it and focus on what is really happening on and around the table. Basically, don’t let your emotions decide how you play – focus on the math and the game.

Bluffing is next, and not just to bluff your way through every hand. It’s not as effective when the stakes are low, since most players are okay with loosing a small sum. As the stakes goes up, so does the efficiency of the bluff. Use it seldom in low stakes, and they will have much more power when the stakes are higher.

Many people use a technique called slow playing. It’s just as it sounds – take a long time to decide what to do. It’s often used when players have a significant strong hand after the flop and they are quite sure they will win. The other players will most likely see it as a sign of a weak hand and hopefully try to bluff. When it all comes down and it time to show, our slow player with the better hand will take it. It can sometimes be a good move, especially if you have someone you know is a bit of a fan of bluffin, and if you have a good hand. It should, however, not be used too much since it will be seen through after a while.

If you are a beginner, you’ll probably recognise yourself in this – playing too many hands. Many professional poker players agree, the beginners play way too many hands. If the two cards in your hand are not good from the beginning – don’t play them. Joining is only a waste of chips, and you will have a hard time getting a good hand with bad hole cards. Think about the card’s rank and play from that and don’t be afraid to fold.

I hope you can improve your game a bit with this. It has helped me a lot though all my tournaments – both online and at casinos and friends. Good luck and stay safe among the sharks! 😉