Premiere blog post

Hello there,

I hope you have a nice day! I myself have an interesting day writing my premiere blog post at reviews4poker. It´s not the first time that I blog, but it´s the first time that I blog about poker which is my new favourite hobby.

I wan´t to use this blog as a diary about my poker gambling and about poker related subjects. I also want to share my impressions of pokersites and maybe I will post a review about one or two pokersites that I find interesting. I guess time will tell what this blog is gonna be about, it´s hard to decide on advance because it depends on mood and things that happens around you. I think I will have to take it as it comes, but my intentions is to write about my gambling and things related to that! But don´t be surprised if there one day will be a post about something totally different.

I haven´t played poker regularly for so long, just about six months and before that I just played occasionally. Since i moved to Malta, which is a a really nice place for poker playing, I started to play regularly. There are a lot of casinos here and also legal to play online poker.

Right now I am looking forward to christmas and I think I will take a little break from playing while I am at winter holiday in my homecountry Sweden. Instead I think I will catch up watching some episodes from WSOP this summer and just enjoy the holiday.

But before I leave Malta for vacation I will play a lot and participate in the christmas campaigns that the poker sites offer. I think the bookmaker Paf has the best christmas campaign, they have a christmas calender where you collect symbols, and when you have collected five of each symbol you will get a ticket to a lottery where iPads, iPhones and a trip to Las Vegas will be raffled. Each day you also have a chance to win gambling money, cash or freespins. Check it out, all active players can participate.