Play poker with bitcoins?

The standing question for many people, is what method they should use to make a deposit with. Well, at least it is for me. Every time I sign up to a new poker site, which I do quite often, I wonder what method I’d like to use. Usually, I just use my VISA card. Although, I’m not a fan of it.

When I make a deposit with my VISA card, I need to give out quite many details about me, my card and my bank. No matter how safe it is according to the sites, I still find it troublesome and a bit uncomfortable. I’m not that in to the idea of sharing a lot of details about my privacy.

Also, I prefer to have my money organised in my budget. I want to have my money in three groups – essentials, entertainment and gambling. The essentials is money for rent, food, bills and such things. The money for entertainment is basically for dinners, restaurants, trips, movies and stuff like that. Gambling is quite self explanatory, this money is the part of my budget that I’m ready to both loose and double. Sometimes it grows and ends up bigger than last month, sometimes it’s all gone. But I’m always accurate with keeping this money for it self. This is hard to do when everything it’s on the same card.

Yes, I could just get another card for gambling, but then I’d still have to give out a lot of information about myself. I’d rather have an alternative method.

As you may understand, I’ve been searching quite a bit about solutions to this. I came over a thing called Bitcoin. Perhaps some of you have read about it earlier, but for me it’s quite new. Basically, as I understand it, it’s a virtual currency that is not controlled by any bank or economical centre. The point seems to be that you get bitcoins by mining and letting your computer solve math problems, or that you simply buy with traditional currency. I got quite interested in how it works and I think I got a decent understanding of how it works. I found a video that I think is quite helpful, it’s the one down here:

I’m not sure how many poker sites is open for Bitcoin yet, but I at least found a casino that only uses Bitcoin. It’s called and it seems to have the usual casino games. It’s interesting to see, since I appreciate it to be a very narrow market. Hopefully, there will be more of these internet casinos for bitcoin.

I’m still not convinced that Bitcoin is the thing for me though. I’ll read more about it later, because I really want to have the full picture of it. But I still want another example so I don’t have to use my VISA card until I know everything I need to know about bitcoin.

I stumbled upon this thing called eWallet when I was browsing, and got into their page about payment methods. I’ve been looking just a little bit on it, so I’m not quite sure about how it works. I think I got a somehow good picture about it. If it is as I understand it, you have an extra step between the site and your bank. You connect the eWallet to your bank, giving your precious information to only one part. Your money, in my case my gambling money, can be stored within the eWallet and kept there, to create it’s own account or buffert.

When you make a deposit, you simply give the information about your eWallet to the site you want to make a deposit to. With this method, all you give out is the “number” to your eWallet and potential bad guys does not come much closer than that. Also, the eWallet says to be very safe, which feels good. Most eWallets like Neteller and Skrill also works good together with most casino and poker sites, that I visit.

I’m definitely going to read and learn more about both Bitcoin and eWallets. If you have any experiences about this, please tell me about it. I need all the information I can get!

Take care and stay safe among the sharks! 😉