Dear reader,

you are very welcome to my blog site about poker. I have two big interests, poker and whisky. Now have I decided to start blogging about poker as a way to process my gambling sessions and to develop my gambling skills.

I play poker both online and at casinos at Malta at an amateur level. I am born in Sweden but live at Malta nowadays where I work at a restaurant. I like living here and I am enjoying my time. Someday I will move back to Sweden again to study, but not yet. I like the climate and the friendly atmosphere here at Malta, I also like the closeness to the casinos which means that I can play both cash games and live tournaments regularly. It´s also a good opportunity to meet other pokerplayers with more experience since the maltese casinos often is host to large live tournaments.

I have never participated in a big tournament, but my goal is to at least participate in one major tournament before I move from Malta. Maybe Battle of Malta would be the right tournament for me, or an EPT tournament. However, I have been watching some bigger tournaments in place at the casino. I liked it a lot, it´s fun to see talented player in action.

I mostly play texas holdem no limit, but I have also tried razz and omaha PL. But I always comes back to texas holdem, it´s my absolutely favourite. When it comes to tournaments I prefer elimination tournaments where you can´t do rebuys. It´s also fun with bounty tournaments where you get an extra win when you eliminate one of the opponents.

If you want to know more about poker and about my movements among the poker tables, be sure to come back and read my blog!