Sorry.. again

Oops I did it again, to quote a famous singer. I have once again let the blog become inactive even though I promised to blog more often. For that I am sorry and from now on I will really try to keep the blog alive, but I’ve learned the lesson and won’t promise anything this time.

Blogging actively was harder than I first thought. Especially because it’s difficult to write interesting posts that you readers want to read. But now I will lower my expectations about always writing good posts, and perhaps that will do the trick.

Since my last blog post a lot of things have happened in the poker world and outside of it. We have for instance a new World Champion in Poker: Qui Nguyen. Earlier this month he won the finale of the  World Series Of Poker Main Event  and became the new Poker World Champion. The victory paid him about $8 000 000 plus an exclusive gold bracelet with gemstones. It´s a tradition that the winner of the WSOP tournaments get a gold bracelet and that the winner of the Main Event gets an even more exclusive bracelet with diamonds and other gemstones.

For Qui Nguyen this was his first WSOP win and therefore the first time he won a gold bracelet. The player with the most WSOP bracelets is Phil Hellmuth who has won 14 bracelets during the years. As recently as last year he won his last bracelet and I think he will add some more bracelets to the collection before his poker career is over.

A lot of stuff has of course also happened outside the poker world. One of the biggest things is that Donald Trump was elected as the next president for USA. I won’t make any comments about that, but I think the subject have been discussed at every workplace and in every household today in Sweden where I currently live.

Soon I will head back to Malta for work again. I have got a new job at a bar in one of the cities and I am longing to get back again and meet all my friends. It has been great being in Sweden for a while, but now I am longing for Malta. I will travel to Malta directly after christmas.

Speaking of Malta. Just a couple of days ago the big annual tournament Battle of Malta took place at the Casino Portomaso. The Swedish player Robert Berglund won the Main Event. This was the first time a Swedish player won the tournament and I am a bit sad that I wasn’t there to experience the moment. Robert Berglund wasn’t the only successful swede in the Main Event, Rasmus Eriksson was third and Jonas Hahnert finished as ninth in Main Event of Battle of Malta.