Unibet review

Hi there! As you might seen from my previous posts, I’m back again after a break. I had a lot going on for a while and now it’s a little less, so I finally have time for my blog again. Here is a kickstart with a review about Unibet Poker!

Unibet is one of the most famous bookmakers in Europe. They offer a mixed range of gambling products, everything from sports to poker and casino. The company also has a long history in the gaming industry. Unibet was founded already in 1997 but it wasn´t until 2003 they started to providing gambling services online. They began with casino and betting and during the following years from 2003 and forward they expanded their gambling portfolio with poker and bingo.

One thing that I appreciates with Unibet is that they always try to be one step ahead. It feels like they try to both adapt to the future and at the same time take part in forming the future. Like in 2014 when they decided to start their own poker platform and leave the Microgaming network. The reason was that Unibet wanted to attract recreational players and give them a pokerroom that gave them a nice time at the tables.

One of the new thing that was introduced in the new unibet platform was a function that allows the players to change their poker alias up to three times a day. This function makes it harder for the professionals to track the recreational players gambling style, and it protects the smaller guys from getting destroyed. Otherwise, the professionals sometimes recognises some peoples styles and takes way too bog advantages of this. It often ends with the smaller guy loosing all of his money, when the big guys gambles him off.

The ”quick seat” seat function was another thing unibet choosed to add to the pokerroom. Thanks to the quick seat function every player is automatically placed at an availiable seat. With other words, you can´t choose which table you want to play at. The idea is that this also will benefit the recreational players. This is very welcomed by many, because a majority of the players at online poker sites just wants to play, relax, and have a good time at the table.

As you see, Unibet has taken several steps to make sure the amateurs can develop their gambling in a more friendly environment that makes it harder for the sharks to fleecing them of the money.

Unibet also offer their players the ability to play poker via a smartphone or a tablet. Their focus are on the poker game Texas Holdem NL and Omaha and they offer cash games with buy in from €2 up to €400. They also offer tournaments, Sit and Go and a version of fast poker which they call Banzai Poker.

You can regularly try to qualify online to the live tournament series Unibet Open that are played several times per year in various cities.

Unibet doesn’t have the most player traffic or the greatest range of poker games to choose from. But it´s a nice poker platform where you can play in peace and protect yourself from sharks. This makes it a good learning place for the new players and for those who just want to step up their game a little bit. Instead of retting smashed by a shark, as you sometimes get in other places, you are seated with people more on the same level as you are.

As many other online casinos, Unibet has the chat funktion at each table. Here, you can chat with other players. Also a nice feature that’s not specified for Unibet, but they have it and it’s great. It makes the entire table a bit more alive and friendly, and it feels a little bit more like a game in real-life. The bonus part with having a chat online, is that you won’t jeopardise your game by showing a terrible poker face.

To summarisk shortly, I definitely think Unibet Poker is wort visiting. It’s easy to get started and you’ll quickly get a hang of how it works. There is plenty of guides and they have a lot to offer. I highly recommend checking it out, and I hope you get a good time!