WSOP is back!

WSOP has started

Hi everybody!

It was a while since I last wrote and I am sorry for that. I have had a tough period but now I´ve recovered and I have got back the urge to blog again.

As you probably know if you like poker, WSOP has just started, and I am really looking forward to follow the most interesting events. It will also be fun to see the pros battling for the prestigious gold-bracelets. Phil Hellmuth is in the lead with 14 bracelets so far and the second place is shared by Phil Ivey, Doyle Brunson and Johnny Chan. I don´t think Doyle Brunson will play this year due to his age, but I hope Ivey and Chan are going to aim for more bracelets during WSOP 2016.

I´ve read that they have changed the pay out rules in the Main Event this year. Instead of share the prize pool between the best 10% of the players they shall give prize money to 15% of the player field. I don´t know what to think about it, but If I have to say something I guess I think it´s good because it might attract more players to the tournament.

Who do you think win the WSOP Main Event this year? I looked at the odds at bet365 and saw that Phil Ivey had the lowest odds, you´ll get 67,00 in odds if you bet at Ivey as a winner. Second lowest odds had Allen Cunningham, Daniel Negreanu and Gus Hansen to 101,00 times the money. I didn´t even know that Gus Hansen played actively these days. At hendonmob his last money placement in a live tournament was in 2014, but I might have missed something or missed that he is an active online player. I like Gus Hansen and his way of playing poker so I would be glad if he won the Main Event, but I don´t think it´s that very likely since I haven´t seen him in any recent live tournaments.

Daniel Negreanu on the other hand was a very active player last year and I think he is eager to expand his title list with a WSOP Main Event win. In 2013 he won the first WSOP APAC Main Event, and WSOP Europe High Roller event. Since then he hasn´t won any bracelets and I think he is very victory craving now.

I wonder why Phil Hellmuth isn´t the betting companies winning favorite. He has won more gold bracelets in WSOP than any other player and as recently as last year he won a big tournament, the $10 000 Razz tournament which got him his 14th bracelet.

I don´t know which payer I would bet my money at, the winner will probably be a big surprise as always. But maybe I would place a bet at Hellmuth if I have to choose someone. I don´t think last years winner Joseph McKeehen will win two years in a row, but if he does he will be a poker legend.

Well that was all I had on my mind today. I will write soon again!